Producers and service provider for global brands and importers. Our key business is sourcing, contract manufacturing for our Clients and quality control.

Market overview & Experience

19 years in industry and over 10 years of operation in China.
It means we know almost everything about textile manufacturing process : home products, fabrics, fiber yarns & threads, garments & machinery
We have cooperated with hundreds of textile goods producers in China. We are aware about their benefits, hidden complications, potential roadblocks and can manage Customer expectations.

Agile & Customer Focused

Our main priority is to care about interests of our Client
We spend lots of efforts to understand deeply the needs of the Client and plan our job respectively
Our target to establish a long relationship with our Clients and we are proud to say that many of them with us within the years
We aim to respond Customer requests in the same day and evaluate the task in shortest possible time

Trustworthy International team

Our offices are located in China, Hong-Kong, USA and Turkey
In our team are representative of 4 continents
We are team of product developers, purchases and quality managers.
Our guys have been working with focus on China and other countries of Asian over 10 years

Our production partners

Our selected vendors are well-established manufacturers with multiple production lots, well-equipped with modern machinery, stable and well-trained core staff
Vendors are certified by ISO-9001 (ISO14001) quality management system, obtain OEKO-TEX 100 Certificates, pass social audit factory, inspection of BSCI, been licensed by Disney

Manufacturing capacity

We are able to select the manufacturing lot that 100% fits to Project requirements, includes deep manufacturing level like spinning, combing, roving, dying &printing, knitting fabric weaving