Our key expertise – quality control of garment, fabrics, home textile goods and accessories

We are proud to provide Boutique quality service for our partners all over China with a help of our professional team specialized in textile, Garments, Accessories. Fabrics, Home Textile


IVI-EAST offer the full scope of Quality management includes initial supplier audit, in-line inspection during development process, product inspection on site and pre-shipment inspections.

Professional team of quality engineers and experienced inspectors focus extensively on the quality control service for the benefit of the Customer.


We know that our Clients have tight budget requirements. IVI-East constantly lean internal processes to offer a great balance of price and quality.
IVI-East quality inspectors and supervisors are skilled and knowledgeable professionals in specific industry. We never compromise service quality for cost reduction. In order to avoid “blind” inspectors – we work with own staff all over the country.

We know that our Clients need timely, informative feedback. IVI-East are targeted to provide the complete analysis of situation to our Clients. Our experts are able to give the full description of product features, revealed defects and may determine the corrective actions before any products leave the factory

avoid costly product defects and shipment delays

We know that our Clients value the Brand and Reputation. IVI-East are eager to live within your company standards and philosophy of quality. We dive deeply into your quality policy and train our staff before start to cooperate.

be YOUR staff on production site

IVI-East have a wide overview on fabric suppliers and besides product check-up, can offer complete audit to verify manufacturers’ portfolio and capabilities, compliance to standards and regulations.

care about your convenience

We know that our Clients need trustworthy partners to protect their interest on manufacturing site. IVI-East offer in-depth experience in textile manufacturing. Our team can not only define the problem, but take a deep look into the root cause and advice the Client the best possible solution to eliminate the mistakes.

provide comprehensive product assessment

Deep dive into customer quality standards
Continuous improvement of inspection level

Agile inspection arrangements
Comprehensive reporting in the same day

Staff trainings & experience sharing
Capacity: over 20 inspections per day



Market overview & Experience

19 years in textile industry and over 10 years of operation in China.

Agile & Customer Focused

We work with a brand from all cross the globe to optimize a supply chain and ensure that the goods are to the highest quality and 100% fits to the Customer requirement.

Trustworthy International team

We are proud to provide Boutique quality service with a help of our team roficient in textile all over Asia.